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Marcus G. Lindner - Personal Brand
Creative consulting, portrait film, portrait photos and illustrative photos

In numerous Restaurants and in over 35 years of experience, Marcus G. Lindner has earned himself 2 Michelin stars and 19 Gault-Millau points and thus inevitably a luminary status.

We interpret the personal brand around Marcus G. Lindner in such a way that it is perceived as detached from the context of his specific projects. Rather, his thoughts on gastronomy and his own personality should be experienced. So he is moved in the foreground as a person.


Film production
Photo production
Client: Marcus G. Lindner
* in cooperation with MF Mindfactory GmbH (Lilian Kokalis, Consultant / CEO)
Image video
Porträtfilm - Marcus G. Lindner
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Illustrative photos
Illustrative photos

On Marcus G. Lindner's new website, individual stations in his career are specifically highlighted. As a background for the text (which is placed in the side parts of the image), the respective station is illustrated. A no-frills, minimalist visual implementation fits into the modern zeitgeist of elite gastronomy.


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