The Painted Bedroom and Bathroom: Ideas and Inspirations for the Creative Home Decorator



Boring bedrooms and bathrooms will be a thing of the past if Berry’s guide is used to generate innovative ideas. This fully illustrated manual contains color photographs of a wide range of interiors representing decorating styles of all sorts. it also offers step-by-step instructions for applying paint to walls, ceilings, furniture, and even surfaces such as antique cast iron bathtubs, all in a myriad of painting techniques.

Faithful study of Berry’s advice coupled with initiative and ambition should yield the wherewithal to create spectacular effects in room decor. Featured are contemporary examples of outrageously vibrant patterned walls and fixtures that are clearly not for the faint of heart. More serene options are manifested in misty, romantic colors and soft, matte surfaces.

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Fireplaces for a Beautiful Home

FIREPLACES FOR A BEAUTIFUL HOME “Although we are no longer dependent on fire in its purest form, in the intimacy of our homes we continue to defy the stormy weather and bitter cold by the fireside.” In homage to a cosy mainstay, Australian historian and artist Seppings offers a satisfying overview of the fireplace as an ancient architectural element.

While noting that experts have cautioned that fireplaces are an inefficient source of heat–polluting the air and further depleting our dwindling supply of wood fuel–the author also considers certain bothersome impracticalities: Where to find a chimney sweep? Should we concern ourselves with chimney malfunctions, lung disorders and the devastating fires–with fireplaces their cause, in part–that raged in Victorian London? Then she takes us on a generous stylistic tour of English fireplaces, some from Australian sources.

The volume concludes with a step-by-step explanation of how to open up a blocked fireplace and renovation instructions for mantel replacement. Modern design options are also explored thoroughly.

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House Beautiful Art: Decorating with Art at Home. (Interior Design)

Gura, Judith. House Beautiful Art: Decorating with Art at Home. Hearst. 2001. c.176p. illus. LC 2001024514. ISBN 1-58816-023-8. $40. INTERIOR DESIGN

Using a multitude of color photographs, this book shows how various interior designers have arranged space so that art collectors can give their collections “pride of place … [and] make art an integral part of the design, permeating the very life of the house.” The highlighted collections include sculpture, painting, ceramics, furniture, and folk art in various design styles, from classical to modern to whimsical. Successfully depicting how to showcase art in the home, this book will be especially appreciated in large and academic collections.

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House Beautiful Color Workshop: Decorating Stylish Rooms

Here is one place, other than Roget’s Thesaurus, to find colorful adjectives for what else?–every shade, tint, and hue of color. The ubiquitous color wheel aside, Childs-Carlile has assembled a collage of great House Beautiful magazine decorating photographs that demonstrate, better than words, the variety of options that color offers. Hesitant about combinations and harmonies? Put together a swatchboard (or two or three) of clippings and fabrics and photographs. Want to visualize the effect of one particular color spectrum? Review the six palettes, from neutrals and naturals to black and white, in different applications: accents, tints and shades, complementary, harmonizing, and one or two specific styles (for instance, the Federal style is associated with the green-to-turquoise range). Questions to ponder, plus a number of color solutions (how to widen narrow spaces or enlarge small rooms, for example), add to the book’s value in the hands of the new home decorator.–Barbara Jacobs

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House Beautiful Think Small / Make the Most of Every Square Foot


The editors of House Beautiful magazine have assembled another title in their informal series of home-decorating books in which much expert advice is provided. Here the focus is on small dwellings from 295-squarefoot studio apartments to single family homes of 1,650-square-feet. Professional interior designers describe in the captions of more than 170 color photographs the design techniques they used to create attractive, comfortable surroundings for clients as well as in their own homes. The emphasis is on employing all available space and selecting multipurpose furniture, but also includes advice that may seem counterintuitive, such as using oversized furniture and bold color. “Anatomy of a Home” displays an entire dwelling with tips on how the decor accommodates the inhabitants’ needs. VERDICT The variety of suggestions from professional designers will provide novices with a wealth of stylish decorating ideas to use in their own homes, whether small or large.

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